The colorful 20-by-6 foot glass shard mosaic of splashing water at the entrance of the Julius Boehm Pool in Issaquah, Washington—titled ‘KERSPLOOSH!’ by local artist Benson Shaw—is just one indicator of a recent $5 million renovation. Renovated pool features include the new lobby, pool mechanical equipment, new deck coating, new ceiling tiles, a new pool lining (which replaces a liner made dingy yellow by iron oxide escaping old pipes that now have been replaced) and changing rooms, lockers, restrooms, and showers. Additionally, the pool received updated pumps, heaters and electrical systems. The new, computer-controlled equipment could save the city $83,000 a year in operating expenses.

  The City is committed to conserving energy, and investedin improved heating and AC systems, high-efficiency boilers, LED fixtures and advanced control systems.  

Adding up the savings

The pool is owned by the City of Issaquah and managed by the Parks & Recreation Department. Working closely with the owner, Willdan designed a renovation for the year-round indoor pool. The City is committed to conserving energy, and invested in improved heating and air-conditioning systems, high-efficiency boilers, LED fixtures and advanced control systems to monitor energy use.

Despite initial setbacks in constructing the new pool surface, Willdan successfully managed a nine-month schedule and the pool was opened in August 2015.


Guaranteed Annual Utility Cost Savings:

  • $83,000

Guaranteed Energy Savings:

  • 84,200 kWh
  • 1,000 therms
  • 810 est annual CCF Water Savings

Project Implementation Costs:

  • $4.1M


  • Complete renovation of pool (new plaster and tile)

  • All new pool support equipment (filtration, boilers, pumps)

  • Two pool temperature zones

  • New air handling equipment (resolves IAQ issues)

  • New LED lighting

  • New ADA-compliant locker rooms

  • Renovation of lobby

  • Exterior paint and site improvements

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