Featured Articles on Indoor Air Quality for Aquatics Facilities

We have reviewed and excerpted articles and studies by industry leaders, government and medical resources.

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Chloramines and Swimmers are Poor Pool Partners

Chloramines cause health problems for swimmers—from itchiness, rashes and dry skin to breathing problems and hives.   In this article, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention explains that chloramines are a "chemical irritant," responsible for "stinging eyes, nasal irritation, or difficulty breathing…"

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Clearing the Air

Tom Griffiths, Ed.D., Director of Aquatics at Penn State University and President of the Aquatic Safety Research Group, LLC, introduces a non-traditional approach to chloramine production in swimming pools. “Swim coaches and competitive swimmers blame the pool operators, while pool operators in turn blame the swimmers; pool chemists blame the ventilation systems, whereas those in charge of air handling blame the water chemistry. But who truly is to blame? And how is the problem fixed? In reality, everyone is to blame when chloramines are produced, and everyone has a role in controlling them …. Despite what many swimmers assume, the major cause of these problems is too little free chlorine rather than too much!”

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Understanding Pool Chemistry

Mega doses of chlorine, non-chlorine shock, ozone generators … all are methods for removing chloramines from your swimming pool.  This article takes a practical look at pool health and the multitude of actions and reactions that can change a healthy pool into an unhealthy pool.  Techniques and tips for understanding pool chemistry and restoring a healthy balance.

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